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Dordogne Storage Solutions Le Conte 24540 Capdrot, France email: enquiries@dordognestoragesolutions.com Tel: 0033 (0)9 67 33 67 51 Tel: 0033 (0)6 73 96 38 39 mobile

Car Storage & Airport Collection From Dordogne Storage Solutions

This service is specifically designed for clients who keep a second car with their holiday accommodation in France. We aim to provide you with a complete care and collection package to take the worry and hassle out of your hands.

Storage packages will include airport collection and drop off eliminating taxis or favours from friends, and vehciles can be kept on trickle charge. Upon collection of your vehicle you can specify if you would like it cleaned, fuelled, serviced, tyres, etc.

Please contact us to disucss how we can help.

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Additional Services:

Your car storage package can be tailored to include as many airport collections and drop offs as you wish. We can offer collection from Bordeaux, Bergerac, and Toulouse.

You and your family can both be collected and taken to our facility to collect your vehicle. We have the facilities and local tradesman to carry out any level of servicing or maintenance; help with French registration of your vehicle; renewing your CT, you can even request the car full of fuel. Please contact us with the location of your home, which airport you use, your vehicle details, and any specific requests so that we may tailor a package personally for you.

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SARL LABORIE Belvés 0524156042

TAXI ROMAN Villeréal 0553365026 / 0682948816

Bergerac 0681861675

Car Hire Available:

Bergerac and Limoges Airports, best prices and best service.

Book direct here at Buggs Car Hire or compare deals with Rhino Car Hire here.


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